Dear Bucketbots,

This site has been turned on to gather up Bucketbots from all over the world who just want to see Buckethead live on stage. Since Buckethead has not been abroad for touring so far and has been touring only US, as a passionate listener of him, I decided to start a kind of compaign that accumulates all the fans and their wishes to be in a live Buckethead show and that makes our voice as loud as we can.

What is to do… You, all Buckethead lovers, just please leave a comment post here including your thoughts about Buckethead and which country you would like to see him. If we reach the number that we can possibly go, if we succeed it, then who knows, we may somehow contact Buckethead and tell him our wishes and finally we may have a chance to share a concert night with dear Buckethead in our city.

So please, leave a comment and share this site as possible as you can on Facebook, Twitter(#bucketheadbeonworldtour), forums, etc.

Thank you…

myzcr – bucketheadbeonworldtour.wordpress.com


48 thoughts on “Bucketheadbeonworldtour

  1. Krab says:

    Hey! I’m all for gettin Big B to do a world tour. Without sounding weird, I love that guy and his music. My favourite guitarist, by far – truly inspiring. There’s just something about his playing that I don’t experience when listening to other guitarists. Would be a shame if Bots from outside of the US would never witness his awesomeness. I mean, not everyone can just go to the States. So yeah, let’s gather our wishes here and at least let B now that we WANT him to play different countries. Which he’s probably well aware of anyway… haha

    Almost forgot. I’m from Poland so any gig here or in nearby countries would be a dream come true.

    Bye & have fun!

  2. Pat says:

    Come to Canada Buckethead. Edmonton, Alberta would be nice =) Not too far from home, can drive if you don’t like flying =)

  3. Dr.doom says:

    Buckethead is the single best musician i’ve ever heard. Giant fan. Come to DENMARK. Enjoy some viking-company!

  4. Doug says:

    Non- US Bots have my greatest sypathy. Although in the past he has been to Japan, Poland (Praxis) and all over with GNR he won’t leave the US again because crossing the border requires him to remove the mask – no kidding. Someone who knows That One Guy (Mike Silverberg) who is Canadian asked him if Bucket would come to Canada. The answer was no because of the mask removal issue. Remember, That 1 Guy is a Frankenstein Brother so he knows Bucket well. You’ll have to come to the US. That said, it is easy to get around america via rental car and motels are cheap. Bucket plays small venues and tickets seldom sell out (never a problem if you buy in advance). I saw 8 shows this latest tour and it was well worth the travel which is particularly moderate o the east coast. You could follow him in the northeast and easily catch 5 or 6 shows in a week. Also, US Bots will gladly assist international bots and help them get around just post on .TK or coop.com. I bet he never leaves America again.

    Sorry to be a buzz kill but it’s probably hopeless

  5. Buckethead is an inspiration and has been my favourite musician for years. To see him will make me tremendously happy. Please come to the UK!

  6. myzcr says:

    Hey Doug, I heard about that mask removal reason before. Though, as you mentioned, Bucket has been abroad for lots of countries for touring himself, with Guns and Praxis in ’90s. Therefore, i don’t want to devalue that mask issue, however i suppose he does not always live with his mask. I mean that there must be at least some formal/governmental issues that requires removing the mask, i think. All in all, we are in a try for making our voices loud enough to be heard by the concerning ones. So thanks again for your comment and thoughts Doug. But who knows what to see in the future and why not uttering our wishes and make them heard?

  7. Doug says:


    There was one sign that he may have actually flown commercial for one gig on the latest tour where he would have the same problem. When he backtracked to san Fran for “Hardly Strictly Bluegrass” while in the southwest then returned in a couple days to the southwest he probably had to fly commercial to make it happen. It’s possible he took a private plane but that would be pretty costly. Otherwise i think he drives everywhere. In the east it was just Bucket and Psticks in a very ordinary brown van. Bucket never has a tour bus (he used to have a Dodge spriner but seems to have almost downgraded his ride.

    For those who don’t know a typical day on the road for Bucket is pretty dull. They drive to the next venuse iin the AM then Bucket gets deposited at a hotel for sure. Psticks sets everything up without any invelvement of Buckethead (he gets a hand from employees of the venue with loading in and out which is surely prearranged. Bucket doesn’t even do a sound check- he just relies on Psticks. When it is time for the show somepone picks him up at the hotel and he goes straight on stage. After the show he is immediately wisked back to the hotel. It just Bucket and Psticks. I’ve talked to Psticks a few times,. He is very nice but obvously very shy. He bows in an almost asian manner when completed on his album art, for example. You could see why someone as shy as Bucket would be friends with Psticks. I guess my point ios Bucket’s life on the road hardly is what oone thinks of as the life of a rockstar. I bet he spends much time compossing in hotel rooms, although he is rumored to be a porn nut.

    Hope all the international bots get their wish and Bucket comes to their town. His show is beyond amazing and must be seen llive to be fully appreciated.

  8. bobomarinov says:

    I want Buckethead in Bulgaria

  9. Pavel says:

    Hey! Russia is waiting!!! Buckethead is so talented and musically creative guitarist… I hope he’ll pay a visit to our country one time :)

  10. Buckethead has actually been to many countries.
    For example: the Giant Robot II tour in Europe in 1998, the Guns N’ Roses world tour in the early 2000s, Praxis’s shows in Poland, and solo shows in Japan.

    I am all up for a Big B. world tour one day! It has been ages since he has been outside of the U.S.

  11. Buckethead is an amazing guitarist, one of my dreams is to see Buckethead live in Ukraine..

  12. Hi, Buckethead! Come please to Ukraine, there are a lot of your fans! We are waiting! Rock!

  13. David Medoev says:

    Hi, Buckethead! Come to Russia please!

  14. Patrushev Alexey says:

    “Pavel says:
    08 November 2011 at 4:10 pm

    Hey! Russia is waiting!!! Buckethead is so talented and musically creative guitarist… I hope he’ll pay a visit to our country one time :)”

    Yes. I want see this, i want hear this! We need Buckehead to Russia!!!

  15. Russian Backetheadland is waiting!

  16. Hey, Buckethead, there is no need in any music when there is your discography on a walkman.
    I’m keen on both MJs because of your tributes.
    Now I try to jump as high as Jordan and be as musically spiritual as Jackson )
    I guess it formed best sides of my character.
    Your musical approach broadens people’s musical horisons every day.
    When I see someone I infect him with your music.
    It’s always easy because KFC is still at large in our country…
    Come to Russia – we are ready to become a residence of Bucketheadland.

  17. Hey Buckethead!!! Your fans in Russia will be wildly happy to see you, and hear your wonderful music live!!!

  18. Hans Zimmer Wolfgang Mozart says:

    It would be fantastic if Buckethead would come to Europe! Greetings from Germany

  19. John says:

    i`M convinced that Buckethead will gather the whole stadium in Russia, here there`re hellofalot fans of him. I`m waiting for you in Russia,dear buckethead! don`t let me down!

  20. Lia says:

    Dear Buckethead,
    I’m sure, all your Russian fans really want to see you, to visit your concert, to listen to the world you create in your songs.
    With best wishes, Lia

  21. blue says:

    We look forward to listen Buckethead live in Turkey. Please come to İstanbul..

  22. Old Goose says:

    Mr legend Chicken soul, please come to Turkey.

  23. chaotiktak says:

    Can’t wait to see you in France Buckethead !!
    You’ve got sooooooooo many fans around here !
    Anyway, take care.

  24. Dr J says:

    We really, really need Buckethead to come and play for us up north in Europe! Norway or Sweden would be perfect, but I’ll travel anywhere in Europe!

  25. balint says:

    Please come to anywhere in Europe!!!

  26. Kale says:

    Europe. A dream come true would be northern Europe (I live in Finland). Long live Buckethead!

  27. Remi says:

    Hope you come around Europe Buckethead. I’m sure thousands wait for it. Greetings from Greece.

  28. rottenhorsie says:

    Come to Turkey, you magnificent bastard!

  29. Jacob says:

    There is no other guitarist who makes me feel the way Buckethead does.
    One of my biggest dreams has been to see him play live. If there is no other way, I’m ready to cross the pond to US and see him live even so far away from my home country. I live in Finland, but it would be more than great to get him to play a Europe show in some country.

    Thank you for setting up this campaign! I hope that Big B will see this, he would really appreciate what we’re doing.

  30. gani says:

    Bucketbots want to see you in Turkey!! please come

  31. Nick says:

    Although a world tour is a financial heckle, I would love to see him in Paradiso Amsterdam!
    I’d sleep in front of the doors If I must!

  32. sergio says:

    ohohohh!!!!!!! Great, great buckethead. Please come to spain, bucket. come to europe.

    my dream see you live. BIG BUCKETHEAD.

  33. noose says:

    come and visit our chicken coop in Turkey!!!

  34. александр says:

    All Russia has a great and unique Buckethead!! I even made a tattoo in his honor at the back four and modified the guitar by killswitch. I apologize, if not used correctly, on line translator.

  35. CROATIA! He should come there, or anywhere on Balkans. Our chickens roam free! Mosty. I’ve been waiting for years to have some hint of Buckethead coming anywhere near me and nothing so far. I’d really love to see him live. Any comments on how good and extraordinary artist he is would be unnecessary because we all know that. Cheers and please, Buckethead, get out of USA for a bit and let the rest of the world see you. We have coops!

  36. Regarding the mask/travel issue…

    I don’t think Buckethead lives with his mask LOL. It’s just for the audiences. There are video clips on his DVD where he doesn’t wear mask in the company of Deli Creeps and other friends of his (while his face is blurred out in the actual video). If he were to travel he could easily do so incognito without mask and without anyone recognizing him and compromising his anonimity. Being able to move freely and unrecognized is one advantage of wearing mask for the audiences and keeping your real face and persona secret. So I don’t think air travel would be a problem for him.

  37. Rinat says:

    Bucket, come to Russia. We all need you!!!

  38. Faustblix says:

    I’m beginning to suspect that bucket might not like to tour in countries that don’t have a Disneyland.

    Please Big B, come to Montreal QC, Canada.

    Once I get my car back brah, I may drive down to see you.

    Wish you all the best health, and thank you… dear god, thank you for “Look up There”.

  39. Hugo says:

    Come to PORTUGAL to meet some lusitanian fans :)

  40. Clyde says:

    Come to Toronto, Canada please! Not too far!

  41. Ram says:

    Come to New Zealand and India Buckethead! I would drop everything just to watch and hear you play.

  42. Martin Tóth (13.05) says:

    First of all ! Thank you very much Mister that you started this campaign !
    Buckethead is my biggest influency since 4 years, when i first started to pick up a guitar.
    Since then my life made a total 180° turnaround ! I started to understand your music and not such listening to it ! And I want to thank you honestly for each single song and album.
    Keep your work up because there will be always some Bucketbots who will love your music over the whole world !
    I just wrote that BIG B can’t arrive to Europe because of his mask, which really disapoint me, because it’s a part of his created character.
    Anyways ! I love this man like a father, who raises me with his music instead of advices, love and commands.
    BIG B i would love to see in Europe ! Anywhere i dont care where !
    If it’s not possible i will soon be ready to come to the USA to see this MISTER !!!

    Greetings from Germany !
    I wish more people on the world could understand what youre doing there on your guitar !

  43. David says:

    Buckethead realy changed my ways of listening of music and opened a new way of aprreciating music he even changed some ways of my life and i have been waiting on a world tour since i was 11 so big B please come to Holland!

  44. Alan says:

    I would love to see Buskethead in Argentina. I don’t know if there are many fans here, but I’m making sure everyone I know hears something from him. Playing bucket to everyone who has ears. Seing BH live would be a one lifetime experience for me. So keep the comments coming . Regards from Argentina

  45. Chris Hodson says:

    I want buckethead to tour Australia, so badly.

  46. europe says:

    Italy! Or France, Germany, Austria….but in EUROPE!!!

  47. Mateus says:


  48. T.F says:

    I’m Iranian but I’m living in Malaysia so, Come to asia, east-asia Malaysia..


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