Dear Bucketbots,

This site has been turned on to gather up Bucketbots from all over the world who just want to see Buckethead live on stage. Since Buckethead has not been abroad for touring so far and has been touring only US, as a passionate listener of him, I decided to start a kind of compaign that accumulates all the fans and their wishes to be in a live Buckethead show and that makes our voice as loud as we can.

What is to do… You, all Buckethead lovers, just please leave a comment post here including your thoughts about Buckethead and which country you would like to see him. If we reach the number that we can possibly go, if we succeed it, then who knows, we may somehow contact Buckethead and tell him our wishes and finally we may have a chance to share a concert night with dear Buckethead in our city.

So please, leave a comment and share this site as possible as you can on Facebook, Twitter(#bucketheadbeonworldtour), forums, etc.

Thank you…

myzcr – bucketheadbeonworldtour.wordpress.com